AC De Horning Paste

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Organica Australia Dehorning Paste is an organic balm that helps protect Cattle from environmental problems associated with dehorning when applied correctly to dehorning wounds.  

Organica Australia Dehrning Paste is a lanolin based formulation containing several Australian essential oils, vegetable oils and botanical products. The essential oils exhibit antiseptic and aesthetic properties and act as a repellent to nuisance fly.

Organica Australia Dehrning Paste is non-toxic, chemical free and an Australian Organic Registered Farm Input and is USDA, NOP & BFA certified.

Organica Australia Dehorning Paste has a nil withholding period it is suitable for use with Beef & Dairy cattle.

Organica Australia Dehorning Paste reduces stress and promotes faster healing and contented grazing.

Organica Australia Dehorning Paste is ready to use and can be applied directly by hand, with a cloth or a soft brush.