Agrigene Kamar Heat Detectors

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The only Heat Detection aid with a built in timing chamber which eliminates false heats.
Proven over 25 years.
Better pregnancy rates.
Todays high producing cows do not stand as much and often in the dark. Kamar heat detectors do the work for you. You can safely sleep at night!
Perfect for synchronized breeding programs where large groups of cows are being set up for breeding at the same time.
The Kamar Heatmount Detector is applied just behind the hips of the cow. When a cow wearing a detector is mounted by a herd mate, pressure from the brisket of the mounting animal turns the detector red. This leaves a visible indication that the cow stood to be ridden and therefore may be in heat and ready to inseminate. Other signs of heat should always be observed to confirm that a red detector resulted from standing heat. Kamars exclusive built in timing mechanism is designed to distinguish false mounts from true standing mounts.