Bayer CoRal Plus Eartags 20 tags

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Co-Ral Plus Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags are for effective control of buffalo fly, including control of synthetic pyrethroid resistant fly populations on beef and dairy cattle. Co-Ral Plus is impregnated with Coumaphos and Diazinon, both anticholinesterase insecticides of the organophosphate chemical class. The insecticides are slowly released from the tag to protect cattle against buffalo fly for up to 4 months. Co-Ral Plus' dual tag system spreads the active and protects both flanks.

If buffalo flies are not managed correctly, it can cost producers up to $30 per head each year in lost production alone (1). Don't let the harmful effects of buffalo fly affect your cattle this fly season. Use Co-Ral Plus for sustained buffalo fly control to ensure the welfare of your animals and get the best out of your cattle.