Castlereagh Horse & Dairy Mix 25kg

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Horse & Dairy is a tried and trusted traditional feed that has stood the test of time.

For more than 40 years Castlereagh Horse & Dairy has been the go to trusted feed for conditioning and fattening livestock. Chocked full of wholegrain goodness, no wonder Horse & Dairy has been relied upon by horse lovers, farmers and stockman for feeding happy and healthy animals.

Highly palatable all-round feed with steam rolled barley for cool, conditioning energy and bran for fibre.

Whole oats as a highly digestible energy source and cracked corn as an energy supplement.

Ideal for our senior equine friends with a sensitive tummy, missing teeth, recovering from sickness, illness or surgery as Horse & Dairy can be wet down and made into a yummy porridge.

Ideal for Pony Club mounts in light to medium work, conditioning cattle, sheep, goats, or pet rabbits.

Nutritional Information
Protein (%) +12.7
Fat (%) +3.6
Fibre (%) +7.7
Digestible Energy (Mj/Kg) +12.5
Salt Maximum (%) +0.6


Wheat bran, wheat pollard, whole oats, steam rolled barley, cracked corn, limestone (calcium carbonate), Molafos Ez Glo, canola oil, salt and Castlereagh Premium Vitamin & Mineral premix.