Cummins Cackle 20kg

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A complete ration with good energy and calcium levels, ensuring high egg production and good egg shell quality. For point of lay onwards. Feeding Instructions Begin feeding at 18 weeks or when 10% of pullets are laying. Feed ad lib or approximately 115 grams/bird/day up to 30 weeks of aging, rising to 125 grams/bird/day in latter stages of lay. (Some variations expected from Summer to Winter). Supply water at all times with dry feed. Ingredients Wheat 13%, Barley 13.5%, Mill Run, Limestone, Lupins 30%, Peas 25%, Vegetable Oil, Sodium Bicarb, Dicalcium Phosphate, Hilay Premix, Salt, Lysine-L, Methionine, Roxatene 180 Px.