Greenworld Organics Sugar Cane Mulch 10sqm

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Greenworld Organic Sugar Cane Mulch. (Covers 7 -14 m sq)

A high quality, simple, safe and cost-effective way of maintaining a healthy garden. It will enrich the growth the soil with organic matter as it breaks down and consider reduce weed growth. Greenworld organic sugar cane mulch is a natural product with significant environmental benefits gained through recycling the leaves of the sugar cane plant and is certified as input for organic production perfect for all gardens & potted plants, it protects soil against erosion and extremes of temperatures.

Main Features: 

  • Dust extracted for ease of use.
  • Superior water retention and erosion control
  • Improve soil structure by adding much need organic matter.
  • Maximises microbial activity and encourages earthworms.
  • Very uniform and clean, no seeds or weeds.
  • Regulates soil temperature from outside to protect plants.
  • It works all year round and in all weather condition, making it the most versatile much available.
  • Simple to apply, just open the bag and spread.
  • Smothers weeds and doesn't from the water-repellent crust.