IAH Protexin Soluble

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Protexin Powder contains a blend of multi-strain probiotics for dogs and other pets. Every day use helps to maintain a balanced digestive system, which in turn ensures your pet is healthy. Each gram of powder contains 180 million Colony Forming Units (CFU).

The microbes used are safe, non-toxic and residue free. Simply mix with your pet's water according to the instructions on the packaging. Suitable for: Dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, small animals and birds.


  • During periods of stress, since stress often disrupts the normal intestinal balance
  • Health circumstances: pregnancy, lactation, diet changes, diarrhea, loss of appetite and worming
  • Young animals during weaning and to help establish micro-flora within the gastrointestinal system
  • After antibiotic use or when re-cooperating/convalescing