PETERS - Rabbit & Guinea Pig - Nibble & Gnaw

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Packed with the perfect blend of crunchy grains, crispy cereal shapes, lupins, beans and maize, Peters Nibble & Gnaw is the worry-free solution to maintain your rabbit or guinea pig’s high fibre requirement. 

Small animals require a high fibre content in their diet to aid with digestion and also keep their teeth trim. With a collection of textures and scents exuding from this premium blend, your rabbit or guinea pig will hear their natural foraging instincts calling and have a great time nibbling and gnawing away. 

What’s more, a little kick of sweet carob, banana and carrot add some extra dimension to an already tasty experience.  

Suitable for all breeds of adults rabbits and guinea pigs.  

Pellets (containing Wheaten bran and pollard, Lupins, Barley, Lucerne, Clover, Lignin, Canola, Triticale, Lentils, Oats, Peas, Beans, Soya, Sunflower, Grape and products derived from those ingredients, Bentonite, Limestone, Dicalcium phosphate, Salt, Vitamins and Minerals), Extruded cereal pieces, Flaked maize, Sunflower seed, Lupins, Faba beans, Crushed maize, Banana chips, Carob, Barley meal, Wheat grit, Soya, Beet pulp, Carrot, Vegetable oil, Colours and Antioxidant.  

*List of ingredients is not exhaustive. Should you have any queries regarding allergies, please contact the manufacturer.