Profelac ProfeStart Electrolyte Liquid and Sachets

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ProfeSTART Electrolyte Powder Is The New Benchmark In Electrolytes.

A balanced mixture of glucose and electrolytes is critical to maintaining the osmotic balance of young animals. ProfeSTART ELECTROLYTE is an isotonic energy and electrolyte supplement for calves, lambs, kids, crias and foals.
  • Balanced isotonic formulation
  • Supplies energy & restores lost electrolytes & fluids
  • Zero bicarbonate – does not interfere with milk clotting
  • Coloured - to distinguish from fresh drinking water
  • Vitamin C – natural antioxidant
When mixed as directed, ProfeSTART ELECTROLYTE replaces lost electrolytes and fluids in young animals. To be fed as a supplement in between normal milk/milk-replacer feeds.

Best ResultsAdd FortiMILK GREEN to all electrolyte feeds to help maintain normal microbial activity and gut health.

Mixing Rate: 160mL added to clean drinking water to make up 2L of solution; refer product labe