Prydes EasiFeed Two Concentrate (Special Order Only) 25kg

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EasiFeed Two®

YEARLINGS & BROODMARES Complete Nutrition for Sound Growth & Fertility

TYPE: Concentrate FORM: Extruded Sweet Feed

FOR: Yearlings, Broodmares, Stallions

PACK SIZES: 25kg Bag

Vitamins & Minerals for Complete Nutrition Quality Protein for Muscling and Topline
Cooked Grains for Gut Health & Digestion
Quality Minerals for Sound Bones & Joints

Why EasiFeed Two®?


Set recipe formulation with the same premium quality proteins used in every batch for incredible muscle building capacity and milk production.


Extruded (cooked) to allow horses to fully extract nutrients and maintain healthy hindgut function.


Contains minerals carefully selected for purity and bioavailability that will support sound bone and joint development.


Concentrated formulation allows you to add your own grains when additional calories are needed.


Palatable recipe that will be readily accepted by all horses.