Techfence Model BT20 Solar

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Bi-polar Ready

The Daken BT20 solar electric fence energiser is suitable for multi-wire fences up to 20km.


Daken solar powered energisers are ideal for remote locations or where mains power is not readily accessible. Ideal for strip grazing, temporary fencing and for permanent placement.


The Daken BT20 solar electric fence energiser is a Medium system packaged ready to go that just requires a battery for permanent fencing applications. Suitable for multi wire fences up to 20km.The system incorporates a BT20 energiser, quality crystalline 20 Watt Solar Panel, solar regulator in one convenient package.  Is Bi Polar ready for difficult to control animals and more arid areas. Mounts directly to a steel post or a water pipe for strength and rigidity.

 Quick specs

Range up to 20km multi wire fence

Power 2.2 Stored Joules

Peak Output Voltage 8.2KV

Bi-Polar Function

Diagnostic Centre with, Output Voltage, Load Factor, Overload, Low battery

Heavy Duty Battery connections

3 Year Factory Warranty

Designed, Assembled, Tested and Serviced in Australia


The BT20* requires preferably a 30Ah Battery.