High Horse Vitality +

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Give your horse increased VITALITY!

+ Improve muscle development & tissue repair 

+ Reduce inflammation

+ Assist with microflora in hind gut

+ Optimise top-line and conditioning 

 + Stabilise hormones 

+ Assist immune health 

+ Strong healthy hooves and coat 


VITALITY+ a hypoallergenic, easily digestible, raw superfood, naturally high in fibre zinc, iron, magnesium and B Vitamins. Vitality + is an abundant source of PROTEIN it comes from only the highest quality seeds which are then skilfully milled. It contains a 50% protein content with no additives. It is one of the highest plant protein supplements out there! With a lower fat content and high fibre, it is the best choice for horses'. It does not contain whey powder, which is used in almost all muscle building products for humans and horses. Whey protein is derived from whey, which is a by-product of cow's milk! 

Horses need protein in their diet. There is a misconception that it will make your horse hot, potentially cause kidney issues or laminitis. Sorry to break it to you but this myth has been busted! Out of all the components in your horses diet this is the most important. It provides the building blocks to support bone density, muscle recovery and growth. It virtually assists all of the soft tissue growth and repair. Furthermore is aids with carrying oxygen throughout the body, metabolic function, immune system support and to act as a buffer to minimise fluctuations in body pH.

Strenuous exercise does increase the need for protein in the diet of the adult horse. The protein is needed to support increased muscle development mass and to replace nitrogen lost in sweat. Studies have shown that it also excellent for lactating or pregnant mares. 

Horses which receive inadequate amounts of protein in their diets can suffer a number issues,  including decreased growth and development in youngsters, reduced appetite (resulting in weight loss), body tissue loss, slow hoof growth, energy deficit, and a poor hair coat with reduced shedding in adults. Muscle deterioration, especially in the hindquarters, also might be evident, and some horses will begin eating wooden railing or manure. With an adjusted diet, most of the signs of protein deficiency in horses can be remedied quickly. 

Vitality+ will help replenish, grow and repair connective tissue. It is the ultimate recovery for your horse.  For horses who have difficulty putting on muscle and top line Vitality+ will be of great assistance. 

Available in 5kg & 20kgs.