Zoetis Equivac Tat 1ml Syringe

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Equivac® TAT

What is Equivac® TAT

Equivac® TAT is used for short-term prevention and treatment of tetanus in horses, dogs, sheep, cattle, goats and pigs.

Advantage of using Equivac® TAT?

Equivac® TAT provides immediate short-term protection against tetanus following a wound.

When do I use Equivac® TAT?

For both immediate and long lasting protection against tetanus, give Equivac® TAT simultaneously with Equivac® T. Equivac T should be repeated 4 to 6 weeks later.

For the treatment of tetanus

Equivac TAT is less effective for the treatment of tetanus than it is for prevention, and is more likely to be successful for treatment if administered early in the course of the disease.

For treatment the suggested minimum dose is 10-20000IU given slowly IV